Philip Morris, Big Tobacco and Special Interests Funding for Tina

Dirty money for Tina’s campaign is growing by the day. Keep track of it by visiting the Secretary of State’s website.
Skirting the Law

Linked to Illegal Campaign Finance Activity

Tina McKinnor was fined $35,000 by the State of California for her role in violating campaign disclosure and finance laws.

According to a report made public by the Fair Political Practices Commission, McKinnor was fined for at least three different violations in relation to political activities overseen directly by her. According to the FPPC, she failed to make public disclosures that are required by California law and she did not “report information regarding payments made to subvendors, in violation of Government Code Section 84211, subdivision (k), and 84303 (1 count).”

McKinnor’s disregard of state law is utterly shocking and her disregard of public disclosure laws is completely unacceptable. No one is above the law and all politicians and political operatives are required to follow the rules. Public disclosure laws help prevent corruption and illegality in politics, and McKinnor’s behavior is not appropriate for a State Assembly candidate. Why did McKinnor fail to report her activities? Was she hiding something from the public?

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