Philip Morris, Big Tobacco and Special Interests Funding for Tina

Dirty money for Tina’s campaign is growing by the day. Keep track of it by visiting the Secretary of State’s website.
Dirty Dollars

Taking Money fromBig Tobacco

Tina McKinnor is supported by major contributions from Philip Morris USA, Inc.

An “Independent Expenditure” – otherwise known as a Super PAC – is being generously funded by Big Tobacco to support Tina McKinnor’s campaign. Their aim is simple: to buy this election using tobacco dollars. Known as the Alliance for California’s Tomorrow, A California Business Coalition Committee, this Super PAC is being funded by Philip Morris USA, Inc. and its corporate allies.

We need to Keep Big Tobacco from Targeting Our Kids

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking-related illnesses kill more Black Americans than AIDS, car crashes, murders, and drug and alcohol abuse combined. Smoking related death and illness – especially due to the use of menthol cigarettes and flavored tobacco – have had a tragic impact on the African American community. It is unacceptable for any candidate from our community to be funded and backed by Big Tobacco. Tina McKinnor must stop benefiting from dirty money that’s made at the cost of our children and families. Learn more about how Big Tobacco strategically targets the Black community

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